Workshop Banquet


The banquet will take place in Restaurante Valle-Flôr, one of the most brilliant representatives of the modern Portuguese Cuisine.

Restaurante Valle-Flôr is located in the Pestana Palace Hotel, a 5* hotel belonging to “The Leading Hotels of the World.” Pestana Palace is a National Monument (Palácio Valle-Flôr), and it enjoyed a most thorough and exquisite renovation task.

It is worth it to go through some of the rooms and halls that lead to the hotel bar, as it is great to walk through its gardens in a sunny afternoon.

Have a further look.

Chef Aimé Barroyer is a Frenchman that has arrived in Portugal several years ago, after working with Paul Bocuse, one of the most important French chefs, or coordinating the courses of the École de Gastronomie Française Ritz-Escoffier, in Paris. Barroyer fell in love with a Portuguese woman, and at the same time with the Portuguese gastronomy, and for years he has been re-discovering forgotten ingredients, unveiling and modernizing ancient techniques, exploring (some would say e*plore-ing) the limits of Portuguese cuisine and training and releasing into the Portuguese cooking scene successive generations of young cooks. He and his Valle-Flôr are arguable the best restaurant for Portuguese cuisine in Portugal.

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For the EUMAS 2006 Banquet, chef Aimé Barroyer and his team propose:


Ostras do Sado em broa de milho com shot de dashi, salmonete de Setúbal e foie gras em abafo de moscatel roxo

Oysters from Sado coated on a corn bread skin and a dashi shot, red mullet from Setúbal with foie gras stifled in "moscatel roxo" wine


Do "fiel amigo" ... o cavalo cansado
Bacalhau assado com crosta de sames numa rabanada de verde tinto, guisadinho das línguas e bochechas com alcarávia

Codfish, Portugal’s “best friend”…
Oven baked on a crust of codfish belly, set on a French toast soaked in red wine, cheeks and tongue stewed with caraway seeds


Entrecosto de porco bísaro assado lentamente em borras de vintage, crumble de maçã Bravo de Esmolfe D.O.P. e castanhas, regado dos pezinhos

Spare ribs of black dotted pork slowly braised in port wine dregs, a crumble of portuguese wild green apple and chestnuts, pig trotters concassé


Creme de queijo e mousse de café de Timor sobre biscuit do mesmo como um Irish coffee

Custard cheese cream and Timor coffee mousse set on a biscuit like an Irish coffee


Café e Petit Fours

Coffee and Petit Fours