Invited Speakers:

Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo (University of London)

A Service-Oriented Infrastructure for Adaptive Systems based on
Specification-Carrying Code

December 14, 2006: 9h30-10h30


"Specification-Carrying Code" allows communication and semantic interoperability among autonomous software entities: software carry a formal description of their behaviour, and communication occurs without APIs. This presentation discusses the notion of specification-carrying code, its supporting infrastructure, and presents a series of applications to which this technique applies.

John-Jules Ch. Meyer (Utrecht University)

Going beyond BDI: Programming 'BDI+' Agents

December 15, 2006: 9h30-10h30

(based on joint work with Mehdi Dastani and Bas Steunebrink)


The BDI model for intelligent agents has been very influential for both theoretical and practical research in agent technology. It gave rise to a form of agent-oriented programming which could be called 'BDI programming', the programming of the mental attitudes of agents, where these attitudes pertain to notions in the vein of beliefs, desires and intentions. In this talk I will sketch how we could go further and also use other cognitive notions in agent programming, in particular that of emotion, thus aiming at the realisation of what I'll call 'BDI+' agents. I show how one could program agents with emotions, starting out from the formalisation of emotion theory from cognitive science. Finally, I'll discuss some applications of these 'BDI+' agents in projects that we are currently doing and will start with in the new year.