Social Program


• 13/December 2006: 18h30: Welcome Reception
Participants are expected to arrive to "Sala Ogival ViniPortugal" by their own means, between 6.30 p.m. and 7p.m. This place is in downtown Lisbon (Praça do Comércio), and very easy to access.

How to get to Sala Ogival/ViniPortugal/Praça do Comércio:

• 14/December 2006: 20h00: Workshop Banquet

including 19h30: Concert by Dead Combo, fado-inspired modern Portuguese music.

and followed by Lisbon Sunrise (for the strong of heart)

Buses will be provided for transportation between Fundação Gulbenkian to the Hotel Pestana Palace and back.


About Dead Combo
“Vol 2: Quando a Alma Não é Pequena”

They play Lisbon, the city of the countryside, chimneys and white domes, sceneries of a lost past, the fado, the loiter western, all together in a voodoo of emotions, the Tagus river, misplaced lovers, abandoned angels in the crossroads of destiny, flowers with misplaced colours, saints, burning hot chambers, naked guitars, thrown on the street, double basses on fire, top hats, chickens on the loose and things that roll on the street.

In “Vol.2: Quando a Alma Não é Pequena”, Dead Combo give us also traces of tango, flamenco, the far west as seen by Ennio Morricone, the real Cuba and the one Marc Ribot sighted, the juish klezmer and the Sicilian drama... They tear apart the soundscapes they already had given us in “Vol. 1”, the debut album that received unanimous appraisal by the critics in 2004. Of this album it was written that it was “ of the most beautiful and touching recordings ever born under the melancholy sign.” or “...a project that is like a UFO in the Portuguese musical world in 2004 – or any other year(...)”

Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves form dead Combo. The group was formed in 2003 by an invitation of Henrique Amaro from Antena 3 radio, to record the track “Paredes Ambience” included in the homage CD to the genius of the Portuguese guitar Carlos Paredes, “Movimentos Perpétuos – Música para Carlos Paredes”. They incarnate two characters that could have come from a comic: a caretaker and a gangster.



• 13-15 December 2006 and more: Exhibit Amadeo de Souza-Cardozo @ Gulbenkian Galleries

The exhibit entitled "Avantgarde Dialogues" covers the entire career of the portuguese fine artist Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (1887-1918), aproximately a decade (1907-1918). It seeks to establish a reencounter between his works and those of his contemporary foreign artists (Modigliani, Brancusi, Juan Gris, Picabia and Delaunay couple), both inside and outside his circle of friens, but whose works reveal experimental simularities of the period.

It can be seen from Nov 15, 2006 to Jan 14, 2007 in the Exhibit Gallery, just next to the hall and rooms where the workshop will take place.